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Here is a small collection of the graphite, ink and acrylic art that I've created.
As you will notice my primary muse is nature. The more mystical pieces were inspired by elements of nature and humanity; expressing how we might come to realise the truth of ourselves by embracing the world we live in to the fullest.
The Fool's Challenge

The Fool's Challenge, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 50 cm

The need for action draws nearer by the second; a pulling urge to take on what’s been offered to us, or prepare to suffer more than if you had taken the leap. This entity of light and almost explosive creativity maintains a piercing stare yet holds a caring expression. It says, “could you handle it... Can you handle me?” Encouraging us to step toward the light below, if we dare, and turn the potential into something tangible. The Fool’s Challenge tells us we must jump now or remain out of reach from the changes we need. The Fool stepped off the edge of the cliff with the naivety that all will be well, and if any of you know the major arcana story of The Fool’s Journey, he was well indeed. Be like The Fool, trust where the path leads, don’t be afraid of being vulnerable and step into the unknown always upholding honesty, spontaneity and faith.

Bucephalus - Horse Studies, 2022
Graphite on paper
Approximately 12 x 10 cm each


Art Being Spirit, 2021
Acrylic with accents of gold and silver gouache
20.3cm (8") round canvas.

The Hare, The Wolf, and The Arrow.jpg

Self-Preservation of a Traumatised Soul, 2023
Graphite on A4 watercolour paper

The hare, symbolic of connection to spirit, is held above the jaws of the wounded wolf, the psyche.
In our darkest moments, we give power to one or the other, whichever will best serve us. The hare may be torn apart or the wolf may fall, but neither is completely defeated if the other still stands.
There will be a day when the arrow is removed, the wolf can finally heal and the hare can exist in peace.


Little Owl, 2020
Graphite on A4 watercolour paper

Little Owl

The Dragon of Happy Accidents, 2020
Graphite on A4 watercolour paper

No matter the conundrum you are in, The Dragon of Happy Accidents loves any good mess and will readily be there to help you clean it up, then promptly show you what was hidden under the rumble! This feathered two-legged reptile balances on a broom in one hand and holds an obsidian ball with the aura of an iris in the other. He doesn’t see the messes of life as tragedies or something to get too upset over, he sees them as unique opportunities to assess your life and guide you to the solution of the current issue. He is boisterous in energy and all about lifting the mood, but don’t be fooled by his seemingly immature stance toward your problems. Dragons are ancient beings and filled with wisdom beyond comprehension, this guy is certainly one of them. His five eyes see in all directions, confirming to himself and others, “as above, so below”. He sees the intricacies of interconnectedness and knows what must be done to get you on your way. Trust in his ability to know the outcomes of the paths laid out in front of you, and have faith this friendly dragon will guide you toward the best path possible.

Short-Eared Owl, 2020
Ink on A4 paper

Short-Eared Owl

The Angels of Balance, 2018
Mixed media of ink and digital

A Inspired by The Hanged Man tarot.

Other Artworks

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